Our Locations

At RedBeef, we believe that a remarkable dining environment is essential to your enjoyment of our exceptional foods. Hence we combine elegant dining space and passionate customer service to maximize your dining pleasure, as we look forward to building a solid long-term relationship with you. Our unique interior design brings you a clean and modern dining space for greater ambiance, while our friendly customer service will ensure the quality of your dining experience.

RedBeef Vancouver Kitsilano

Our Kitsilano flagship store, located in the heart of Vancouver’s mainstream dining, offers our customers unparalleled elegance and comfort for a memorable dining experience. This is the original “RedBeef Noodle Kitchen”, where our journey began in spring 2018. It is the birthplace of our brand and the model of our business expansion.

1947 W 4th Avenue, Vancouver BC. V6J 1M7

Telephone: (604)558-1237

Opens 11am ~ 9pm Everyday

RedBeef Vancouver Chinatown

Located in the heart of Vancouver’s local Chinese Community, our new Chinatown branch store delivers the legendary RedBeef experience without compromise. Its vibrant and joyful environment resonate with the unique taste of our beef noodle soup, creating a special dining experience that is second to none.

550 Main Street, Vancouver BC. V6A 2T9

Telephone: (604)423-5500

Opens 11am ~ 9pm Everyday